William Rosetti Oakland CA
William Rosetti Oakland CA

William Rosetti Supports Oakland Community Through Low Income Housing and Other Programs

The real estate market in San Francisco, Oakland, and other parts of Northern California has continued to have a lot of demand for the past decade. This has led to a dramatic improvement in real estate prices, which has been lucrative for some real estate investors. One real estate investor in the area that has done quite well is William Rosetti of Oakland CA. While he has done well in this time, he also recognizes the challenges that rising prices have on the community. He has continued to give back to the community by supporting a variety of programs that help those find affordable housing.


William Rosetti of Oakland CA Helps Establish Coalition for Better Housing


The dramatic rise in housing prices across the Bay Area has made it hard for people to obtain access to affordable and quality housing. To help with this, William Rosetti of Oakland CA helped to found an organization called the Coalition for Better Housing. This organization aims to provide quality housing at more affordable levels to people all over the area. As a co-founder and prior President, he has been largely involved in helping it turn into a successful and impactful organization.

William Rosetti Oakland CAWilliam Rosetti of Oakland CA Supports 236 Program


With rising costs of renting a home in and around San Francisco, the state of California enacted the 236 Program. This is a rental assistance program that makes it possible for people to get into renovated homes at a lower cost. For the program to function, property owners need to contribute to the program and make their investment properties available. William Rosetti of Oakland CA is one of the most prominent real estate investors in the area to be a part of the program. He has made more than 200 homes available to the non-profit organization.


William Rosetti of Oakland CA Creates CRC Development


William Rosetti of Oakland CA also recognized the need to improve certain parts of Oakland. To do this, he helped to establish CRC Development, which is an organization that helps to build and renovate properties all over the area. While this includes some commercial assets, he has also helped to develop more than 130 properties that have been turned into affordable housing units.


William Rosetti of Oakland CA Looks to Help Youth


While William Rosetti of Oakland CA is best known for being a real estate investor, he also recognizes the importance of giving back to the community. William Rosetti of Oakland CA is involved in a variety of organizations that focus on ensuring kids in the Bay Area get access to the resources they need to thrive and live happy and healthy lives. Some of the organizations that he helps with includes the Board of Enterprise for Youth as well as the local Youth Tennis Association.


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