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William Rosetti of Oakland CA: Changing The Low Income Housing Game For Californians

Real estate expert William Rosetti of Oakland CA has set out to shake things up when it comes to low-income housing in California, and his work with California’s 236 program has allowed him to do exactly that. William Rosetti got his start in real estate by working as a part of a larger firm and later decided to leave to run his own business. He knew that he could use his real estate acumen to create positive change for California.

As a founding member and the first president of the Coalition for Better Housing, William Rosetti paved the way for housing improvements in the San Francisco area. William Rosetti knew that he had the power to make changes to the housing situation in San Francisco and decided to assemble a group of people who could help make those changes happen. After working for several years in San Francisco, William Rosetti knew that it was time for a change.

In 2005, William Rosetti caught wind of how Jerry Brown was working to transform Oakland, and decided he wanted to take part as well. He moved his residential business to Oakland, immediately becoming one of the top property owners in the area.

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William Rosetti noticed the need for property renovation and improvement in the Oakland area and created the CRC Development Company. With the goal of improving and developing buildings throughout the Oakland area, William Rosetti has been able to make a considerable impact on the area’s commercial and residential buildings. The company’s current projects include over 130 housing units that will include an affordable housing component.

When California’s 236 program began in 2011, William Rosetti of Oakland CA jumped at the opportunity to make it easier for Californians to get affordable housing. The 236 program requires that housing is set aside for people who make less than 80% of the median income in an area, and that affordability must be maintained by the non-profit leasing the property for at least 35 years.

Coldbrook non-profit housing foundation approached William Rosetti, asking him if he’d be interested in working with them to provide housing to low-income Californians. William Rosetti responded by turning over 200 housing units to the non-profit.

While William Rosetti of Oakland CA is clearly working hard to change the housing situation in the Oakland area, he’s also doing his part to uplift the community. He serves on several foundations and boards, including the Board of Enterprise for Youth, Bank of San Francisco, Board of Populace, and The Youth Tennis Association.

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