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The Perks of Recognizing Community Members, William Rosetti Explains

William Rosetti of Oakland, CA Salutes the Businesses and Civic Leaders of the Area

Community members work hard to make a difference. They look to support one another, boosting the economy and helping those in need. Some community members go above and beyond, so it’s important to recognize their contributions. William Rosetti of Oakland CA has created the JHC Legacy Event as a way to recognize community members.

William Rosetti of Oakland, CA is not only the CEO of J&R Associates but is also the co-founder of the Jobs and Housing Coalition. He believes that it is through the support of community members that communities are able to thrive. As a real estate agent and developer, he has stepped up as a way to provide affordable housing solutions throughout the Bay Area.

There are countless businesses throughout Oakland, Oakland, and beyond. Some focus on providing the best possible products and services to their customers. Some even make it a point to go outside of their comfort zone to get involved in what’s going on. It ensures that the entire community is getting what they need. William Rosetti of Oakland, CA explains that it is these people who need to be recognized.

William Rosetti of Oakland, CA says that many business owners are competitive. They work hard, but it’s not solely to get a paycheck. They want the awards they display on their windows and doors. They want to show that they have high reviews. They want to show that they are a valued member of the community.

That’s one of the reasons why William Rosetti of Oakland, CA helped to create the JHC Legacy Event. Each year, hundreds of people attend the event as the “biggest salute to trailblazing business and civic leaders.” It’s attended by business leaders and elected officials. Governor Gavin Newsom has even been a featured speaker at the event.

Community members who are recognized are celebrated by the entire community, explains William Rosetti of Oakland, CA. They get the kudos that they deserve. It helps to acknowledge the hard work that they have done while giving them the motivation to continue to participate within the community.

Past award recipients of the Legacy Event include not only William Rosetti but also Dr. Joel Parrott, a member of the Conservation Society of California, along with Denise Pinkston, a partner with TMG Partners. These are influential people who want to provide a better place for people to live. They do what they can to influence others, get involved with transit and green building plans, and more.

In any community, residents need to know that there are exceptional people fighting for them to have a better place to live. By recognizing community members, it’s a chance to publicly thank them for all that they have done, William Rosetti of Oakland, CA explains.

Every community should celebrate those making a difference, and William Rosetti of Oakland, CA is pleased to be a part of the Legacy Event throughout the Bay Area.

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